3-2-1 Let It Rip!

For many parents especially with elementary school aged boys, this may be a familiar phrase. This simple phrase signifies the beginning of a Beyblade battle. For those unfamiliar with these toys allow me to explain. Beyblade toys are based on a cartoon series by the same name. (The series itself has several different titles.) These are metal battle tops. They launch them into battle by pulling a ripcord then set the tops loose on each other. Whichever top is the last one spinning wins. Pretty simple game to understand. The amazing thing is that the producers of the cartoon can turn one battle into a 30 minute cartoon. But I digress.


Why am I talking about Beyblades? The answer can be found in the three boys that inhabit my house. They may be sitting quietly reading a book or watching TV, but then I utter the phrase “time for bed,” which apparently translates into “3-2-1 Let It Rip!” Their ripcords have now been pulled. They start spinning faster and faster. Before I know it, I am yelling at the top of my lungs just to contain the pandemonium. They wrestle, they run, they laugh maniacally, and they don’t pay a lick of attention to what I have just told them. (You can’t control them, you can only hope to contain them long enough to get them to bed.)

Along with the burst of energy they have the glorious ability to stall like crazy. My wife and I often joke that any one of them could be a politician or a preacher. Let me tell you, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul could take a lesson on filibustering from my boys. Whether it be “I need a drink of water” or “give me another hug and kiss,” they can put off going to sleep for a while.

Bedtime has never really been a calm event at our house. It is the end of the day. They are tired and have to get that last bit of energy out. If they stop moving too long, they will fall asleep. This has been the event pretty much their entire lives. Wrestling three Tasmanian devils to bed is my job. Alas, they do get to bed and fall asleep pretty easily. The journey to that wonderful time of day can be fraught with peril and raising kids is not for wimps, especially when you have three high energy boys on your hands.


After reading this some of you will think to yourselves, wow bedtime is nothing like that at our house. Others of you will read this and know exactly what I mean. Guess what you are not alone.