Are Funnel Cakes the answer to Kentucky’s Pension Crisis?

Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash
Funnel Cakes and Corn Dogs
Funnel cakes are Funn

Funnel Cakes = Pension Plans

Could Funnel Cakes be the answer to the pension crisis which has struck the state of Kentucky?  If one member of the Kentucky general assembly get’s the votes he’s seeking the answer is yes.

Graham Williams(I) from McKee, has a drafted a bill which would tax every funnel cake sold in the state.  All details of the bill have not been released, but the information made available to the McOnions news room is very interesting.  Mr. Williams would like a tax no less than $.50 on every Funnel Cake sold up to $2 for some types of Funnel Cakes.

McOnions reach out to Mr Williams for comment about the bill and why he thinks it will work.

McOnions: Can you give us details on the tax structure of the bill?
The tax rate would vary depending on the type of Funnel Cake you purchase.  A plain small Funnel Cake would have a tax of $.50, if you add some type of topping, say strawberry or chocolate the tax is $1.  Also the tax would be higher at for the large festivals and fairs around the state.  State Fair, Court Days, and Hillbilly Days would all have a $2 tax.  We may add a few more to the list of preferred festivals.

McOnions: Why Funnel Cakes, why now, and why do you think this will work?
Williams: Funnels Cakes are yummy and everybody likes them, but they aren’t really good for you.  So we look at this tax as a type of sin tax.  The time is right to tax Funnel Cakes, we don’t need to legalize pot, when we can tax Funnel Cakes.

McOnions:  Ok, but will this work?
Williams:  Of course just think about the numbers.  Every county and town in this state has at least one festival each year.  That equals well over 500 a year, I would say a low estimate would be 20,000 funnel cakes per festival.  My math ain’t great but that is close to $200,000,000 a year, I think.
If this goes well we will try to tax corn dogs next year.

Well there you have it.  What do you think about the tax?  Will you travel out of state to buy a Funnel Cake now?