Bacon Shortage May Have Impact on Kentucky Football Season

Bacon Shortage May Have Impact on Kentucky Football Season 1

Recent reports of a bacon shortage(See story here), which may or may not be true sent shock-waves through the Kentucky Football training complex.  Corey Edmond, Director of Performance for the football team gave us this quote earlier today.

“If it’s true what I’m reading on Facebook about the bacon reserves being low, it could really hurt our conditioning program this off season.  Some guys eat 2-5 pounds of bacon each morning.  Without this great source of protein and sodium, we may have to switch to turkey bacon.  And no SEC athlete wants to to eat that crap.”

Coach Stoops could not be reach for comment on the matter.  We were able to reach AD Mitch Barnhart who said, “We ended the season with some big injuries, hope this is just a fly in the oink-ment!  See what I did?  Now that’s Punny!”

Because the off season is critical for growth of the football team, in weight gain and increased strength this could be a huge setback.  The football Wildcats are looking to move to the next level in the SEC and this will not help the quest.  The newsroom will be reaching out in an attempt to find more information on this issue.  Check back often and follow on Facebook so you don’t miss the next update.