Breaking: Eye-Opening Incredibly Sad Photo of Lone Oak’s Massive Development(Leaked)

Breaking - New Proposed Lone Oak development.
Artist rendering of secret proposed plan.

Breaking from Nicholasville Kentucky

Update on the effort to stop the Lone Oak development.

The photo you see here was obtained from an unnamed masked source. The breaking news file was delivered to the McOnions news team, after meeting with the tipster in a van down by the Kentucky river. Along with the photo we have obtained documents detailing some details of the new proposal. The updated plan would aim to make everyone involved happier.

Some of the key points:

  • Condo/Apartment tower rising anywhere between 15-50 floors.
  • Golf Course would remain in-tacked.
  • Pool would remain, but would be on top of the tower.
  • Underground parking garage, with tunnel directly to Harrodsburg and Nicholasville Roads
  • Reduction in the number of lots developed to ONE.

Details are still sketchy but, the masked tipster did say they hope all will be happy with this plan, the developers and current home owners. The green space would remain in place as a golf course with very little use, and a new larger pool for everyone to enjoy. The densely developed subdivision plan would give way to one ultra-dense lot.

If the McOnions news room obtains any other breaking details, on the updated plan, the team will pass that a long just a quick as McOnions receives it. Make sure to like us on Facebook for updates. And please leave a comment on Facebook and let us know what you think.

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