Goat Torture – le Supplice de la Chevre

Watch this video, then tell me why in the last almost 3 years it has been viewed over 5,200 times worldwide.  It’s a ‘cute’ little video but over 5 thousand is a lot of views.  I figured there must be a reason for the abundant hits.  So I set out to the interwebs and I googled ‘goat torture’.  Which means I am now on some NSA watch list.  This was almost as dangerous as googling The Harrison Twins(UK’s freshmen backcourt combo).

After some investigation I found out a few things:

  • people are odd
  • a ‘death ‘trash’ metal band has Goat Torture in the name.
  • torture of the goat was a medevil form of punishment
  • supplice de la chevre, the French term for Goat Torture
  • Turkey and German really like this stuff
  • Canada has the most patience

Take a look at the image below.(Click to enlarge)  It shows, which countries have viewed the Goat Torture and how long they watched, since January.  Maybe it’s the cold weather up north resulting in being stuck inside alot, but Canada watches longer than any one else.


So what does this all mean?  I have no idea, but I never thought 3 years ago a video shot at Southern Lights just before Christmas would have this many views.  Just imagine if I had a video of us trying to feed a  fox a carrot!  Then we all may know what the fox really does say.  Do you have a video that has generated crazy views for unknown reasons?