Kentucky Officials Bold Plan To Increase Summer

Kentucky Officials Bold Plan To Increase Summer 1
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Commonwealth of Kentucky officials have unique plan to increase the length of summer.  The long rumored plan could be unveiled as early as next week.  Ryan Limen, a Frankfort insider, has confirm the whispers many have heard since just after inauguration day.

Governor Matt Bevin has long been an advocate for longer summers for tourist and breaks for students.  With the yet currently un-released plan the state will take 2 days from the end of November, and shorten December, January, and February by 4 days.  The 14 extra days will be split among June and July.  Below is how the proposed change will look.

November – 28 days
December – 27 days
January – 27 days
February – 24 days
June – 37 days
July – 38 days

Mr Limen reports the excitement running through the governor’s office is contagious.  “Most people hate winter and love warm weather, now we will have two weeks more of what we like and two weeks less of what we don’t.” Limen said.  The Kentucky office of Tourism and Travel plans a huge push to get the word out to the rest of the country about the change.  “We look forward to helping the state cash in on the warmer weather.” said Ronnie Rob, Director of Tourism.

Before becoming law the people of the Commonwealth would have to vote on the change.  “I can’t see how this can’t not pass, it’s a win, win, win for all.”[sic] commented Jas Vedder.

Governor Bevin could not be reach for comment.




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