Rupp Arena to Get New Name for Trump Rally?

Rupp Arena to Get New Name for Trump Rally? 1
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Trump Rally

This just in to the McOnions news room. McOnions can almost confirm, from a very weak source, that President Trump has ask for Rupp Arena’s name to be changed for the day of his ‘rally’ on November the 4th, the day before election day. Trump stated he could not be trumped by Rupp, and “I need my name on all the biggest buildings, and Rupp Arena is bigly”. A Trump representative stated they plan on “making Rupp great again”, by bringing some real class to the commonwealth.

McOnions has also obtained a copy of the projected look, of the outside of Rupp Arena, on the day of the rally. The image has been approved by the campaign and plans are in the works to update the facade of the arena. The signage, we are told, will be updated after midnight the night before Trump arrives in town.

Word is Governor Bevin is looking forward to taking a selfie in front of the sign. Check back for more updates as they come into the news room.

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