SECRET: The Awesome Bubble Plan for Kentucky Football’s Season

Plan D for football season

Plan D for Football Season Bubble

If it comes down to Plan D for UK football, then we think it will be awesome. Details are starting to filter out, of closed door meetings, of the University of Kentucky’s athletic department executive team. The brainstorming session had many alternate plans, but plan D looks to be the most exciting. Due to COVID-19 concerns everyone is trying to figure out how to make the games happen. Here is what we know so far:

  • An Island would be constructed at the Jacobson Park Reservoir(Pictured above)
  • To create the Island recycled plastic and cardboard would be used.
  • The team would stay, practice, play, and study on the Island
  • Island Code name is F-U Island, which stands for Football and University Island. Our source says “they are still student athletes!!”
  • Coaches and any media wishing to cover the team would also stay on the Island.
  • RJ Corman company would provide transportation to any team traveling to Kentucky.
  • Once in the Island bubble you can not leave and come back on the Island. Just like Survivor

Details of the Lodging are slick

See the first pictures of what the dorms will look like. Treehouses will be used to cut down on risk of COVID spreading. As we have been told ultra-violet light and sunlight kills the virus. And trees are closer to the sun than the ground! Which means less Corona Virus.

Players Dorm
Players Dorm being testing in Red River Gorge.

Media and Coaching Staff will also have an area to retreat to and enjoy some downtime. Mask will be required at all times and treehomes will be at least 6 feet apart.

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Coaches Dorm
SECRET: The Awesome Bubble Plan for Kentucky Football's Season 2
Media Dorms