Shuttlecocks an example of Sears downfall.



Badminton is a  great game.  Its sort of like tennis, but you can play without taking tennis lessons(One person will get that reference). It’s fun to whack the birdies around the backyard as hard as you can.  At our house we spend a good about of time in the summer chasing shuttlecocks around the yard.  With that much use they get lost, stuck on the roof, or just break.

My wife and I ventured out to the mall this week, with no real plan.   It was the first time I spent more than 10 minutes in the mall at a time in years. We walked through Sears, which is going out of business, on our early morning ‘date’.  Sipping Starbucks, grande Americano in a tall cup, and enjoying some kid free time.

We spotted two 6 packs of shuttlecocks $.99 and 30% off.  Score!  We can get two items out of a store in the mall for under two bucks, or so we thought.

We had walked upstairs in search of cheap pillows.  In 37 years of living in the most technological y advanced country in the world I still have never had a good pillow, but that is for another post.   But alas still no good pillows, so we decided to check out.

We walked to a spot with two registers with one person in line, and one being serviced.   Seemed like good odds, not so much.  First the Sears employee said she couldn’t check us out for some reason we couldn’t interpret.   So we walk over the other register and stand behind the customer in waiting.  This is when the Sears checker we couldn’t understand comes over and ask us to move 2 feet and stand behind a red line on the floor.  She didn’t want any confusion.  Huh… There are two of use here.  At that point we decide to head back down stairs and try our luck.

This has nothing to do with the story, but it's an awesome picture.
This has nothing to do with the story, but it’s an awesome picture.

Back down stairs we walk to the first place to pay we see.  Before we get within ten feet of the register the gentleman tells us that we may want to try somewhere else “it will be at least 10 minutes before he can help us.”  Strike two.

So we make one last attempt to make the purchase.  As we walk toward the exit we spot the last register.  We ask the woman working the register if she could check us out.  She replies with “I can, but not right now I have to do something else”.

Well that was strike 3.  We placed the shuttlecocks on a washer dryer combo and headed on down the mall.

Another great badminton photo.
Another great badminton photo.



Sears has been in Lexington from 80 years.  That is a long and good run for the company.  When they close 118 people will lose a job, which is bad.  If my experience mimicked the last few years for the store.  Then it makes sense they can’t stay open.

If a guy can’t even buy a dozen Shuttlecocks for a buck and change then I’m not sure how you can keep the doors open.