Trumps Cabinet – All Biblical Edition

Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 1

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Vice President

Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 2

After spending so much time walking beside Moses during the restoration of Israel, Aaron is believed to have all it takes to make Nations great again

Secretary of State
Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 3

When it comes to dealing with foreign affairs there is no better candidate than the missionary and apostle Paul. Spending much of his life traveling to spread the Gospel he is well informed and experienced in what it takes to spread an Agenda worldwide. Being shipwrecked and beaten and flogged has never stopped him from spreading his message so he becomes the most sought after Secretary of State of all time.

Secretary of Treasury
Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 4

Were it not for Joseph’s abilities to prepare and store a bounty in the face of an oncoming famine the world as we know it would not look the same as it does now. Joseph has the plans to be able to build a stockpile of money that will last America for years into the future.

Secretary of Defense
Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 5


One of the greatest leaders the Bible has ever known, takes a step in to help defend the country from those that may come against it. His experience leading and fighting while reconstructing a wall will come in handy in this administration.

Attorney General
Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 6

Samson already has been nominated as AG after his years of experience being a judge over Israel. His life shows that even through his struggles he still has the wisdom to judge correctly no matter the cost to himself.

Secretary of Agriculture
Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 7


As the first shepherd it goes without question that Abel be the Secretary of Agriculture. Being the great farmer that he was and being able to please God with a sacrifice is more than enough to be able to help today’s farmers. When reached for comment about his brothers choice to be Secretary, Cain responded, “Not again.”

Secretary of Labor
Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 8

In a move few saw coming Moses was proud to take the role as secretary of Labor. “I’ve seen what it’s like for people to work like slaves and been able to stop that behavior before. I cannot wait to get the American people the workforce they deserve and desire.”

Secretary of Health and Human Services

Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 9


The once successful Syrian commander was appointed to this position. “Listen, Naaman once had Leprosy, I don’t even know what that is, but it’s bad, and if he can be cured of that, what can’t he help us get a cure from?”

Secretary of HUD

Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 10

The Wiseman

Known to all only as the wiseman Donald Trump has made his most notable appointment to his cabinet. When asked for comment President Elect Trump said, “Listen, we can build all these houses on the sand and Wiseman knows a thing or two about building on solid ground.”

Secretary of Transportation

Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 11

Lot knows how important it is that when you are traveling you keep your eyes on the road in front of you and never look back.

Secretary of Energy
Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 12


One of the greatest prophets the world has ever known makes his way into the cabinet due to his ability to call Fire Down from Heaven. “Listen, if we ever have a nuclear war and lose power, I know Elijah can call down fire to keep us warm. “

Secretary of Education
Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 13
Baalams Donkey

When asked why he would appoint a donkey to such a high position, the president elect noted that this donkey talks and would prove the likeness to all the other donkeys in congress.

Secretary of Veteran Affairs

Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 14
Uriah the Hittite

The diligence in which this man would loves his country is evident in his willingness to do whatever it took to get his King to fight for his country. There is no other man that understands and wants his country to prevail than Uriah, and in his position he can help other veterans.

Secretary of Homeland Security

Trumps Cabinet - All Biblical Edition 15


In a strange twist of fate Mr. Trump names Moses’ father in law to this position. After giving Moses advise on how to handle the people of Israel Mr Trump believes Jethro would be able to advise him as well.