Two for Tuesday. (Wikipedia search)

Paul         Steve


This is the site I go to when I need information that must be almost, just about, close to accurate.

The other day while searching for some information on “Paul the apostle” I noticed Sir Paul McCartney suggested ahead the other Paul.  But “the apostle” was ahead of Paul Newman and Paul Simon.  I also see a few other Pauls that I don’t know, then Paula Abdul!!

So I started searching other apostles to see if they came in “1st place”.   Feel free to try….


When searching Steve “the apostle”, I found it crazy that Steve Jobs was behind Steve Martin and a soccer team.

What does this all mean?

I have no idea.  But I did think it was interesting.

Try a few names over at Wiki by clicking this link

Try your name.. .  I tried McOnions and got nothing.

Share any crazy or unusually random ones in the comment section below.